Our Services

Our Services


Sage Massage Studio offers relaxing and therapeutic massages and spa therapies in Dallas!

Enhance your Sage Massage Studio experience, by adding a Sage Enhancement with your favorite massage or therapy style. Whether you would like a five step Facial massage, soak your tired feet in a Herbal Foot Therapy, or just snooze a little longer Рwe got you covered from head to toe. Make your visit extra amazing! See our services below:

Sage Massages

  • Sage De-stress Massage

    Sage De-stress Custom Fit Massage – Melt away stress and tension with an intu…

    Starting at $60.00

  • Sage Muscle Mender Massage

    Sage Muscle Mender Massage – A deeply restorative treatment designed to work …

    Starting at $60.00

  • Sage Healing Stone Massage

    Sage Healing Stone Massage – Deep penetrating heat of the stones and long kne…

    Starting at $60.00

  • Sage Chakra Energy Massage

    Sage Chakra Energy Massage – Indulge your mind, body, spirit with the centeri…

    Starting at $85.00

  • Sage Express Massage

    Sage Express Massage – Short on time? Direct focus to the areas of your body …


  • Sage Reflexology

    Sage Reflexology – Though we rely on our feet to carry us just about everywhe…

    Starting at $60.00

Sage Therapies

Sage Spa Experience

Sage Enhancements:

Extra touches designed to enhance any sage massage and body therapies.

  • + Sage Aroma Steam Therapy

    Sage Aroma Steam Therapy – A session in the Aroma Spa pod is like experiencin…

    $15.00 Additional

  • + Sage Herbal Foot Therapy

    Sage Herbal Foot Therapy – Your choice of relaxing warming ginger or cooling …

    $20.00 Additional

  • + Sage Massage Cupping

    Sage Massage Cupping – Help break down scar tissue, adhesion and deep rooted …

    $20.00 Additional

  • + Sage Whole Body Exfoliation

    Sage Whole Body Exfoliation – Renew dry, dehydrated skin with oil based scrub…

    $20.00 Additional

  • + Sage Temperature Therapy

    Sage Temperature Therapy – Local cold/hot stones for focused area. Cold stone…

    $15.00 Additional

  • + Sage Facial Therapy

    Sage Facial Therapy – A simple, refreshing express deep cleansing face massag…

    $25.00 Additional

  • + Sage Bamboo Focus

    Sage Bamboo Focus – Bamboo sticks used to compress, glide and roll over stubb…

    $15.00 Additional

  • + Sage Sleep Zone

    Sage Sleep Zone – Sometimes you just want to linger on the table after a mass…

    $15.00 Additional

  • + Sage Ayurvedic Scalp Massage

    Sage Ayurvedic Scalp Massage – Massaging the hair and scalp helps stimulate t…

    $15.00 Additional

5x Massage Session Packages

# of Minutes Price Savings Purchase
5x 45 Minutes $300 save $45 BUY NOW
5x 60 Minutes $425 save $75 BUY NOW
5x 90 Minutes $580 save $105 BUY NOW

12x Massage Session Packages

# of Minutes Price Savings Purchase
12x 45 Minutes $720 save $90 BUY NOW
12x 60 Minutes $1020 save $150 BUY NOW
12x 90 Minutes $1320 save $210 BUY NOW

Purchase multi-sessions and save! Book your first session now!

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