Sage Mission



Sage Mission

Sage Approach – Highly Effective, Intuitive, Therapeutic, Educated Therapies┬áto create a unique experience of healing, relaxation and rejuvenation for each client. It is my intention to be fully present, receptive and committed to meeting your needs.

Sage Space – Organic, Professional, Relaxing Environment. A┬ápeaceful and safe space to encourage an environment of open communication to facilitate health, balance and self-awareness.

Sage Pricing Structure is designed to benefit those who make massage part of their regular wellness routine. Yes, massage is a great recovery tool but massage can actually be more powerful as a preventative tool. Sage Massage Studio charges by time not only because it keeps things simple, but because it allows Cemetria the ability to create unique and integrated sessions that are tailored per client with out charging the client extra for specific techniques or requests.

Sage Mentorship & Classes – Texas approved small group continuing education classes for licensed massage therapists that are taught with relevancy, passion and knowledge.


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